Kestrel Place Montrose

Solar Panel installation OverviewSolar Panel installation testimonial Montrose marked tiles and installed vents in roof

The house has an almost perfectly south facing roof with interlocking concrete pan tiles. The pitch of the roof is approximately 30°.

The Roof Equipment 

All tiles were marked for where the brackets would go + a cable entry tile was installed so solar cables could enter the building.

Marked tiles + installed tile vent.

The modules were mounted onto the roof using a purpose-made system of anchors and rails. The galvanised steel anchors were installed onto the roof trusses above the roofing felt, to fully maintain the weather protection of the roof.


Solar Panel installation testimonial Montrose anchors for fitted rails



Anchor fitted

This roof is constructed of interlocking concrete Pan tiles. The anchors have a wide mounting plate so that its position can be adjusted to avoid fouling the interlocking area of the tiles.





Solar Panel installation testimonial Montrose Aluminium rails were then secured across the system of anchors




Tiles back in place and rails fitted and the solar panels secured to the rails with purpose-made clamps.





Solar Panel installation testimonial Montrose start to install solar panels to rails



Panels fitted to rails

The electrical equipment

An EverSolar 3200TL inverter was chosen for this installation and installed within the loft area.





Solar Panel installation testimonial Montrose Inverter + isolators fitted within loft areaInverter + isolators fitted within loft area.


Finally, an additional electric meter was installed . This measures the output of the solar PV system and is used by the energy company to calculate the payments that the owner will receive under the Feed- in tarrif scheme.





Solar Panel installation testimonial Montrose Generation meter - local ac isolator fitted within meter cupboard



Generation meter + local ac isolator fitted within meter cupboard.
The installation was fully tested and commissioned and the owner is provided with a comprehensive handover pack, which includes operating manuals, all testing and commissioning certificates, warranty information, approval certificates and a declaration of conformity with MCS requirements.




Solar Panel installation testimonial:
Mr Richard Main, Kestrel Place, Montrose.

“Daniel and his team at Cabrelli Electrical Ltd have recently installed a 3.2 Kw Solar PV system to my house, I am really happy with the service I have received and have already started seeing the great rewards this system has to offer. I would Highly recommend Daniel and his team for Solar panel installations, as they really carry out a professional job and have a great reputation”