Baltic Street Montrose

Solar Panel installation Overview

This customer contacted our company for a solar Pv quote to be done in conjunction with their south facing roof being re slated.


Solar Panel installation testimonial Montrose Roof hooks




The Roof equipment

Working alongside Skene Slaters (Hillside) we marked out the roof area for location of the Solar Pv panels so roof hooks could be installed by the slaters whilst they carried out the re slating work to the roof. Roof hooks were then installed with lead flashings over them to fully maintain all weather protection to the roof




Solar Panel installation testimonial Montrose Solar cable entry pipe




The Solar cable entry pipe was then installed which is also covered by a lead flashing to ensure the weather protection provided by the new roofing slates is maintained




Solar Panel installation testimonial Montrose Inverter and isolator’s




The electrical equipment

An Eversolar 3200TL Inverter was the obvious choice for this installation alongside the relevant isolator’s and labels, which was installed within the loft space





Solar Panel installation testimonial Montrose generation meter




Generation meter and local AC isolator installed in the consumer unit cupboard along with the isolation and shut down procedure’s. This is where the output of the solar pv panels is measured, which is used to calculate the payments the owner will receive from the energy company under the the Feed-in tariff scheme.




Solar Panel installation testimonial Montrose Caymax 200w mono Pv




Solar pv Panels

18 Caymax 200w mono pv panels were fitted on this solar pv installation



As with all of our installations, this installation was fully tested and commissioned with the owner being supplied with a comprehensive handover pack, which includes operating manuals, all the testing and commissioning certificates, warranty information, approval certificates and a declaration of conformity with MCS requirements.




The finished article.


Solar Panel installation testimonial Montrose the finished article