Mr & Mrs I MacIntosh, Inverkeillor, Angus

Case Study

Our client asked us to quote for a 3.6kWp system of solar panels at his house in Inverkeilor, Angus. We prepared a quote together with full annual yield calculations. After considering the costs and calculated annual yields, our client placed an order.

The property has a tiled roof, the roof faces south- south east (approximately 20°). The pitch of the roof is approximately 30°, with no overshading.

Roof Installation
The modules were mounted onto the roof using anchors and rails. The galvanised steel anchors were installed onto the roof trusses above the roofing felt by M8 x 100mm external coach screws,


Roof anchor being installed
Solar Panel Testimonial Inverkeillor Roof anchors being installed
This roof construction is concrete slate effect tiles. The anchors have a wide mounting plate so that its position can be adjusted to avoid fouling the interlocking area of the tiles.

All anchors were secured , then the tiles had grooves cut into their underside to accommodate the anchors. They were then carefully moved back into place to their original position.



Solar Panel installation testimonial Inverkeillor Replace Tiles and ready for rails




Tile back in place and anchor fitted

This leaves the anchors protruding from beneath the tiles and leaves the roof as watertight as it was before.




Solar Panel installation testimonial inverkeillor install rails ready for Solar panelsAluminium rails were then secured across the system of anchors, and the solar panels secured to the rails with purpose-made clamps.

Aluminium rails installed to anchors, ready for Solar Panel installation






Solar Panel installation testimonial Inverkeillor all Solar panels are tested before getting attached to rails



All panels are tested before they are fixed to the roof to insure installation is carried out to highest standards.





Solar Panel installation testimonial Inverkeillor all Solar panels are tested

Panels are now fitted and secured to rails.


The cables from the solar panels were enclosed within protective conduit as they enter the roof via a modified tile vent. Any loose cables were secured to the mounting system using cable ties to protect them from abrasion from the tiles, and to prevent leaves etc being trapped by them.



Tile vent installed for solar cables to enter the building

Solar Panel installation testimonial Inverkeillor roof tile vent has now been installed










Inverter and isolators all fitted.

Solar Panel installation testimonial Inverkeillor inverter and isolator has now been installedThe electrical equipment An EverSolar 3200TL inverter was chosen for this installation and installed within the loft area along with all relevant isolators and labels.



Finally, an additional electric meter was installed . This measures the output of the solar PV system and is used by the energy company to calculate the payments that the owner will receive under the Feed- in tarrif scheme.


Solar Panel installation testimonial Inverkeillor metering and an additional electric meter was installed


Generation meter fitted.

The installation was fully tested and commissioned and the owner is provided with a comprehensive handover pack, which includes operating manuals, all testing and commissioning certificates, warranty information, approval certificates and a declaration of conformity with MCS requirements.




Solar Panel installation testimonial Inverkeillor Installation of solar panels is complete

The finished article.

This is a video showing the installation of a Solar Panel during the installation project:

Clients Testimonial

9 August 2011




“Following my decision to have solar panels installed at my home, I contacted Daniel Cabrelli Electrical Contractors to give me assistance and a quotation with the project.

I have used the company before and have found them to be genuinely helpful and their work to be of high quality to date.

After his initial thorough inspection of the building, Daniel provided me with detailed information on how he would propose to do the best job for my needs.

I agreed to have the job done, which the company seemed to do swiftly, carefully, and causing virtually no disruption to us and I can now report that I am very satisfied with the tidy job Daniel and his company have completed.

I certainly would have no hesitation in recommending Daniel Cabrelli Contractors to any of my clients and friends”

Ian Mackintosh