Why Solar PV

You Make Money

Following the introduction in April 2010 of “feed-in” tariffs, or ‘clean energy cashback’ as it has been called which enables householders to be paid 43.3 pence for every unit of electricity they produce, this could mean a saving per household of between £700 – £1500 per year depending on the size of system fitted, given a rate of return of around 10%, this income is tax free and fixed for 25 years and will increase in line with inflation.

Feed In Tariffs (F.I.T.s)

 Size of installation

 Date of installation
1/4/10 to 31/03/2012
(pence per kWh)

Length of tariff

 Up to 4 kW (new build)



 Up to 4 kW (retrofit)



 4-10 kW



 10-100 kW



 100 kW – 5 MW




Reduce your carbon footprint

Solar electricity is a green renewable energy and does not release any harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) or other pollutants. A typical home PV system could save around 1200kg of CO2 per year.

Sell electricity you don’t use to the Grid

If your Solar PV system is producing more electricity than is being used, someone else can use it. By selling your surplus electricity to the national grid you can earn even more tax-free money(around 3.0p per unit).

Saving energy

Due to the ever increasing energy prices hikes, now is the time to fit a solar PV system and start producing your own electricity, reducing the amount you have to purchase from your supplier.

Why Solar PV Making money from Solar PanelsBelow is an example of what a 4.0KWp domestic solar PV electricity system could earn and save you each year through the Feed-In-Tariffs.

£ per year
Generation Tariff £1,396.75
Export Tariff £65.00
Reduction in current electricity bills £156.93
Total savings and income generated £1,618.68