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We at Cabrelli Electrical Ltd are MCS accredited Solar Pv installers.


For many years we have been installing and maintaining Solar Pv, and are now in a position to offer battery storage systems. This means, these can be installed at the same time as your Solar panels, or retrofitted to an existing Solar Pv system, allowing you to store excess energy to be used at a later time.

There is huge demand for these together as currently it is the most beneficial way of producing free electricity.


For more information, please contact our company at anytime.


What is MVHR? This stands for, Mechanical ventilation heat recovery.


What does this mean? This is a continuous source of ventilation that extracts stale moisture laden air from a home, and resupplies fresh filtered air back in, resulting in a much more comfortable & condensation free environment.


As dwellings become increasingly more air tight, through efficiency measures, such as insulation, double glazed windows etc, a lack of natural ventilation means that moisture created from every day living, such as cooking, showering etc, has no where to go, this can cause damp & mould, all of this contributes to poor air quality. An MVHR unit is constantly ventilating your property, meaning that ever day moisture has no time to settle.

We are accredited MVHR installers, given you peace of mind that we are regulated & verified through BPEC.

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